Chubby or “chunky” cheeks are a common complaint among men 和 women alike. 尽管一张自然丰满的脸能让你看起来更年轻, overly full cheeks can make you look heavier than you actually are. One of the best ways to achieve a more contoured look is with buccal fat pad removal surgery, 也被称为脸颊缩小手术.

每个人的脸颊上都有万博体育最新版本垫. 然而, 这些万博体育最新版本垫的大小差别很大, causing some people to have naturally chubby cheeks or a ‚Äúbaby face‚Äù appearance. At 南佛罗里达整形外科中心, we offer buccal fat pad removal surgery to reduce the size of the cheeks 和 create a more contoured look.

Cheek reduction surgery can also be combined with other procedures to enhance your results. 整容, 鼻整形术, 下巴抬, 和 lip augmentation can all be coupled with buccal fat removal for a completely rejuvenated appearance.


  • 定义的脸颊
  • 更苗条、轮廓分明的脸颊和侧面
  • 新生的外表
  • 改善面部对称性
  • 更明显的颧骨

Buccal fat removal surgery starts at $1,499, not including anesthesia 和 surgeon fees. 成本取决于几个因素, including the complexity of the procedure 和 whether or not you decide to supplement your treatment with other procedures at the same time. 南佛罗里达整形外科中心 is committed to finding the most convenient payment method for each patient.

我们通过三家第三方公司提供融资, who provide flexible payment plans with instant credit-based approval. 除了融资, we also maintain a network of experienced physicians 和 vendors to ensure we find a payment plan that suits your lifestyle.


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之前 & 脸颊缩小手术后

手术前后的真实病人. 结果可能会有所不同.

由医生完成的程序. Pinnella



    在您第一次来访时, 希望能提供你完整的病史, 包括所有的药物治疗, 过敏, 和以前的手术. You’ll also undergo an extensive physical exam 和 blood tests before your surgeon takes photographs to aid in performing the buccal fat pad removal procedure. 最后, 你会得到重要的指导,为治疗做准备, as well as a realistic explanation of the results you can expect to achieve.


    眼睑提升 surgery is performed by first making an elliptical incision in the upper lid. Excess skin, muscle, 和 fat bags will be removed 和 the incision will be closed with stitches. 除了, residual fatty tissue deposits may be removed through liposuction as each 眼睑提升 is unique, 根据每个病人的需要.


    手术后立即, 你会感到肿胀, 这可能会扭曲你的治疗结果. 然而, 肿胀应在7-10天内消退, 和 then your cheeks will begin looking thinner 和 more contoured. 你的外科医生会给你详细的康复指导. 然而,你可以期望在大约三周后完全恢复. You will be prescribed a medicated mouth rinse that you should use daily to speed up the healing process 和 prevent infection. You will also be required to go on a liquid diet for the first several days after surgery. Then, you can slowly introduce soft foods before returning to your normal diet.


    You usually won’t see the final results from buccal fad pad removal until several months after surgery, 一旦肿胀消退. 当你继续愈合的时候,你的结果会变得更加明显. Keep in mind that weight loss or weight gain after surgery could also impact your results. We recommend maintaining your weight after surgery to ensure your results are long-lasting 和 natural.

    你可以期待一个更瘦的, 更有轮廓的面部外观, 以及更清晰的脸颊和颧骨. You can also expect a reduction in puffiness 和 the appearance of chubby or ‚Äúchipmunk cheeks.‚Äù

    Buccal fat pad removal surgery is completed entirely inside the mouth to avoid visible scarring. Your surgeon will make small incisions inside your mouth 和 remove all or a portion of the buccal fat pads. Once the removal is complete, your surgeon will use absorbable stitches to suture the incision.

    是的. Buccal fat pad removal surgery can be combined with other treatments, 比如整容, eyelift, 或唇术, to enhance your results 和/or reduce the number of times you have surgery.

    整个过程大约需要30-60分钟. 然而, if you are combining treatments, the total surgery time will be much longer.

    Ideal c和idates for buccal fat pad removal are men 和 women with chubby or puffy cheeks caused by larger buccal fat pads. People with a slim face or well-defined cheekbones are typically not good c和idates for treatment. In some cases, a larger cheek size is due to fat deposits or an over-developed muscle in the jaw. 在这种情况下,颊脂垫去除是不合适的.

    是的. Buccal fat pad removal is an outpatient procedure 和 does not require a significant recovery period. 大多数病人在一周内返回工作岗位, however you will need to follow a strict liquid diet for several days. Your doctor will follow your progress closely 和 advise you as to which activities are safe during your healing process.

    General anesthesia is used for all surgical procedures at the South Florida Center 和 is always performed by a professional M.D. 麻醉师.

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